About us


Everything came after a good training in the hard Winter, just after finish the 2013 seasson. Things had gone well athletically for Abel, but he was still worried about the long-term future. In 2013 he won everything in the discipline of 20 inch Trials, riding for a French brand. The possibility of creating a future just riding competition was almost impossible, after getting these titles and worry about making a good communication of them, he was not able to get any main sponsor that could support the following seasons.

The conversation at home that day was crucial, it was decided to start a new stage, with a long time in mind. The plan was to create a brand of bikes and components. It was definitely a tough challenge for everyone, there were a lot of investment of money, time and work, and that could be hard to mix with training and competitions. But as good trialist, the hard way likes, love it. The idea was to produce a quality brand, born from pure competition, and it is where it was born in May 2014.


From Clean Trials, the main goal is to get a great service for our customers and dealers, respecting equally both of them. For us, a new customer deserv the same treat as a big dealer, we take care of each one finding the best sollution.

We have a wide parts in stock to assembly custom bikes, even we are really worry about the box that will be in the box, we try to sell what we would like from a Trials bike. That´s another of our missions. When you unpack our brand new bike, you just have to fit the front Wheel and go to ride, training, win a competition, whatever..

We try to mix everything under the same brand: competition, service, availability and support.


All of the products sold from with the name Clean Trials on it, has been tested and developed in our offices to offer something durable and attractive. We try to design with our shape all of our products, no matter if is a frame or a crankset. Of course, we also work with OEM (standard) products to assembly some bikes or sell as a spare part, but only really trusted and well-known parts. Even like that, each part pass a long and extensive test. With our team riders, our two engineers, our designer and our Taiwanese agency, we all together are a great tea mable to develop any part, trying to creat revolutionary parts.

Trial has change a lot in the last years, riders training more, they´re stronger, they jump higher and longer…the position on the bike is totally different now. In Clean, we try to find the perfect products to fit in your bike, to help you jump higher and longer.


Our products has been produced using the last technology and making process, passing extensive test in the laboratory and in the sections before go to the mass production. When we start the mass production of something, we should be completely sure that these part Works well and in efficient.

One little detail, all of our products, even the wheels, are built here in our warehouse by hand. Like this, we can control all the details and we can check the bike from the firt bolt till the shipping Company come to pick up the order to our customers.

 Our products are sold in our website or through dealers or authorized distributors, in this website you can find all of them. With this strong join, we are able to invest a lot in I+D, develop more and better products constantly…